Takahanada (Takanohana) autograph
Takahanada (Takanohana) autograph
Wakahanada (Wakanohana) autograph
Wakahanada (Wakanohana) autograph

Authentic Autographs

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Imported from Japan.

These Autographs are authenticated original signatures by the named wrestlers.  These are not prints.  Each Autograph is unique.  Please view the image carefully to inspect the autograph and edge conditions unique to each item.

Each Autograph is signed on a white sheet of paper backed by firm paperboard with a very small (1/16") gold colored border.  The Autograph is on the same material as a tegata but without the handprint.  The reverse of each Autograph has the wrestler's name in English letters as authenticated by a sumo expert in Japan.  There is an unpublished reference number for each Autograph on the reverse as well.  

Dimensions of the Autographs are 9.5" w x 10.75" h.   

Original Autographs from other wrestlers may be available by request.  Please contact admin@bigSUMOfan.com.  Pricing and availability will vary.  

For additional autographs with handprints check here.

Conditions of note: Edges of autograph boards are easily bruised and none are perfect.  Please review the photo for details.

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