Q.  Calendar and Banzuke product Images show "bigSUMOfan.com" in the image.  Do the products actually have this text?

A.  No.  The "bigSUMOfan.com" text is only on the image for website identification.  This text does not appear on the Calendar or Banzuke.

Q.  Where are the Banzuke, Calendars, and Trading Cards made?

A.  The Banzuke and Calendar are made in Japan as official products of the Japan Sumo Association.  The Trading Cards are also made in Japan.  They have been imported to the US for resell.

Q.  Are there any tricks to removing the calendar and banzuke from the shipping tube?

A.  Yes.  If you ordered both items you'll find that they are packed in tightly.  This helps them ship without damage.  To most easily remove them you can try to shake it out but that risks bending the edges of the banzuke.  To remove the items with minimal edge damage open both ends of the tube.  The white caps just pop out.  Using the end without the packing bubbles (as the calendar should be closest to this end) place your finger inside the center and press against the black top edge of the calendar.  Then twist the calendar making it compress even smaller than the tube.  Then you can lift the calendar right out.  Make sure you retain the tight twist on the calendar as you remove it or it may "expand" again.  Do the same thing with the banzuke.  The banzuke is more delicate so be really careful.  

Q.  Are there any tricks to remove the curl from the calendar or banzuke?

A.  Yes.  The simplest method is to place your calendar or banzuke under a flat heavy item (I've used a smooth board).  A more aggressive way is to roll the item the opposite direction and place it back into the tube for a while.  This can be risky with the banzuke so be careful.  You can also just hang the calendar and it starts to straighten over time.  If you frame your item I suspect that will take care of it.

Q.  Do you ship outside of the United States?

A.  We currently offer shipping to the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, 23 other European Countries, UAE, New Zealand, and Australia. We will add more countries as we can.  Feel free to email us at admin@bigSUMOfan.com and let us know to which country you would like delivery and we'll make that a priority.  Unfortunately I have discovered that shipping outside of the US is expensive so sorry if the shipping rates seem high.   Thanks for understanding. 

Q.  What is a banzuke?

A.  A banzuke is effectively a roster of the wrestlers competing in the tournament (basho).  It lists the highest ranked wrestlers at the top in larger characters and then the lower ranks are listed in progressively smaller print below.  The banzuke also lists the referees and other tournament personnel.

Q.  When do you assess sales tax?

A.  We are an Ohio based company so need to collect Ohio sales tax for any deliveries to an Ohio address.  Buyers from other locations are responsible for their sales/VAT taxes where required.