About Us

I was lucky enough to experience my first Sumo tournament in person at the January basho in Tokyo a few years back.  It was a tremendous experience.  I have since followed Sumo via the internet.  I watch every Makuuchi (top tier) bout every basho.  I even run a small fantasy sumo league for a few of my friends who are also Big Sumo Fans.

A few years ago, recognizing how historical having 4 Yokozunas at once is, I decided to purchase Sumo calendars for a few of my friends as gifts.  I discovered that it was very difficult to find anyone willing to sell outside of Japan.  To obtain the gifts I had to rely on a good friend who lives in Japan to buy them and ship them to me.  This took almost 3 months. 

After seeing how nice they look in person I thought I'd try to sell them myself for the other Big Sumo Fans out there.  I found a supplier and now have a website to sell them.  Import shipping from Japan is not cheap so sorry if the prices seem a bit high.  Like others who promote this Japan-centric sport I am trying to do my part to expand the spectacle that is Sumo out to the broader world.

bigSUMOfan.com strives to carry many authentic Japanese sumo products that are likely to be of interest to fans worldwide.  We will also carry other sumo related items.  If you have any suggestions, please email admin@bigSUMOfan.com.

bigSUMOfan.com, the multi-color SUMO logos (English and Japanese), background colors, and 2x2 letter arrangements are trademarks of bigSUMOfan.

See you at the tachiai.

Robert         (ring name: Bonekuho)


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