About Us

I was lucky enough to experience my first Sumo tournament in person at the January basho in Tokyo a few years back.  It was a tremendous experience.  I have since followed Sumo via the internet.  I watch every Makuuchi (top tier) bout every basho.  I even run a small fantasy sumo league for a few of my friends who are also Big Sumo Fans.

Last year, recognizing how historical having 4 Yokozunas at once is, I decided to purchase Sumo calendars for a few of my friends as gifts.  I discovered that it was very difficult to find anyone willing to sell outside of Japan.  To obtain the gifts I had to rely on a good friend who lives in Japan to buy them and ship them to me.  This took almost 3 months. 

After seeing how nice they look in person I thought I'd try to sell them myself for the other Big Sumo Fans out there.  I found a supplier and now have a website to sell them.  Import shipping from Japan is not cheap so sorry if the prices seem a bit high.  Like others who promote this Japan-centric sport I am trying to do my part to expand the spectacle that is Sumo out to the broader world.

If all goes well I plan to provide a 2019 calendar and possibly other fan items.  If you have any suggestions, please email me admin@bigSUMOfan.com.

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See you at the tachiai.

Robert         (ring name: Bonekuho)


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