Sumo Yokozuna and Ozeki Banzuke

Yokozuna & Ozeki Banzuke

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This is the Official listing of all 73 Yokozuna through Terunofuji and all Ozeki through Mitakeumi.  It also lists all Japan Sumo Association Chairmen through Hakkaku.  

The Yokozuna are listed in the top two rows starting with #1 in the top right and increasing right to left.  Ozeki are listed in rows 3, 4, and the right half of 5.  The left half of row 5 lists the 13 Chairmen of the JSA.

Each Yokozuna has their Yokozuna number, where they are from (city/prefecture if Japan or country if not from Japan), and their shikona (wrestling name).  Ozeki don't have a number but do list where they are from and their shikona.

You can find a list of all Yokozuna with their romaji (English character) name here.

This Yokozuna/Ozeki Banzuke has not been folded.  It will be shipped in a tube so perfect for framing as it is an attractive work of art.  The Banzuke is printed on very thin but firm paper. 

The Yokozuna and Ozeki Banzuke dimensions are the same as the Traditional Tournament Banzuke: 17 1/4" w  x  22 3/4" h    

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