Sumo Trading Card 9-Pocket Page
Sumo Trading Card 9-Pocket Page

Trading Card 9-Pocket Pages

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Organize your Sumo Trading Cards with these Ultra Pro Premium Series 9-Pocket card pages.  They are designed to be held in 3-ring binders.  Supply your own 3-ring binder and add these pages to create the collection you desire.

Each page has 9-pockets to hold 9 cards.  The pages are clear so you can see both sides of your card without having to remove them.  The pockets can hold standard sized 2-1/2" X 3-1/2" Sumo trading cards including sleeves.   The pockets are open on the top for ease of loading.    

Each page measures 11.5" high by 9" wide and has 3 holes to fit standard 3-ring binders.  3-ring binder not included.  Pick up one at your local office supply store.  Sumo trading cards available in the Sumo Trading Card Collection on bigSUMOfan.