Sumo Trading Cards - 2018 series
Sumo Trading Cards - 2018 series

Sumo Trading Cards - 2018 series

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Imported from Japan. 

These Sumo trading cards are based on the November 2017 rankings minus Yokozuna Harumafuji who was forced to retire.  Each pack contains 5 random cards.  The complete set has 41 top division (Makuuchi) wrestlers, 28 second division (Juryo) wrestlers, 2 Makushita wrestlers, 5 up and coming wrestlers, and 14 behind the scenes cards for a set total of 90.  See the scanned checklist for details (which are in Japanese).  There are also different autographed cards included randomly across every few boxes (24 packs per box).  Most of the text on the cards is in Japanese, however, the wrestler's English language name is also on the card for those of us who don't speak Japanese.

Yokozuna for this series are Hakuho, Kisenosato, and Kakuryu. 

Ozeki are Goeido and Takayasu.

Sekiwake are Mitakeumi, Yoshikaze, and Terunofuji.

Komusubi are Kotoshogiku and Onosho.

Check out this link for the Makuuchi and Juryo rankings from November 2017 for a complete listing of all wrestlers from the top 2 divisions.

As a bonus, we include Ultra Pro clear card sleeves to protect your cards.

Happy Collecting.