Sumo Trading Cards 2010
Sumo trading cards 2010

Sumo Trading Cards - 2010 series

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Imported from Japan.  These Sumo trading cards are based on the November 2009 rankings.  Each pack contains 5 random cards.  The complete set has all 42 top division (Makuuchi) wrestlers, 28 second division (Juryo) wrestlers, a card of the sumo mascot, several other types of cards, and 2 9 card puzzle/picture pieces (Asahoryu and Hakuho) forming a tegata for a set total of 99 cards.  See the scanned checklist for details (which are in Japanese).  Most of the text on the cards is in Japanese.

Yokozuna for this series are Asashoryu and Hakuho. 

Ozeki are Kotooshu, Kotomitsuki, Harumafuji, Kaio, and Chiyotaikai.

This is the first time Gagamaru made it into Juryo.

Check out this link for the Makuuchi and Juryo rankings from November 2009 for a complete listing of all wrestlers from the top 2 divisions.

As a bonus, we include Ultra Pro clear card sleeves to protect your cards.

Happy Collecting.