SUMO Sticker in Japanese 相撲

SUMO Sticker in Japanese 相撲

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Display your passion for SUMO anywhere a sticker will adhere with this 2.5" x 2.5" Sticker now in Japanese.  Perfect for your laptop cover, phone, or anywhere else you'd like to display SUMO colors.

This is the Japanese Character version of the word SUMO.  Notice that the Japanese characters for SUMO 相撲 are multi-color (Green, Black, White, Red) representing the 4 directions of the Dohyo.  If you watch a Japanese SUMO bout you'll notice the colored tassels hanging at the corners.  These represent East, North, West, and South.  The background is Tan representing the color of the Dohyo itself.

This item is made in the USA and contains a small text.  It is made of high gloss vinyl and is UV-resistant so great for indoor or outdoor use.

Those fluent in Japanese will note that the Japanese word for SUMO is really two characters, not 4.  However, each of the two characters have two components and we applied a bit of artistic license to convey our brand color scheme.