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Sumo Magazine - New Issue
Sumo Magazine - New Issue
Sumo Magazine - New Issue
Sumo Magazine - New Issue
Sumo Magazine - New Issue

Sumo Magazine - New Issue

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Sumo Magazine is published through the Japan Sumo Association.  It is issued each month.  The magazine is written in Japanese but contains many pictures and has around 130 pages with many colorful pictures and lots of other sumo information.  Each issue may have special features which we try to point out below.  The magazine is about 7" by 10" inches.

The Official October 2021 Sumo magazine features newly promoted Yokozuna Terunofuji performing his dohyo-iri.   Terunofuji also just won his first tournament as a yokozuna.  Lots of color action shots from the September tournament.

The Official September 2021 Sumo magazine features newly promoted Yokozuna Terunofuji performing his dohyo-iri.   A September traditional character banzuke is included (folded).

The Official August 2021 Sumo magazine features Yokozuna Hakuho after his Day 15 victory over Ozeki Terunofuji.  Hakuho's win gave him the July championship with an undefeated record.  Though a loss for Terunofuji, his performance in this tournament and his prior tournament wins gained him a promotion to Yokozuna. 

The Official July 2021 Sumo magazine features Terunofuji and Takakeisho as they compete to gain a yokozuna promotion.  Also on the cover is Takayasu who is trying to regain his ozeki ranking.  A July traditional character banzuke is included (folded). 

The Official June 2021 Sumo magazine features Terunofuji's 4th top division Championship. 

The Official May 2021 Sumo magazine features Terunofuji's Ozeki promotion.  Also included is a May 2021 banzuke. 

The Official April 2021 Sumo magazine features March tournament winner Terunofuji. 

The Official March 2021 Sumo magazine cover features Terunofuji and Daieisho as both were expected to be contenders for the March tournament.  Also included is a March 2021 banzuke.

The Official February 2021 Sumo magazine cover features first time yusho winner Daieisho having won the January tournament.  

The Official January 2021 Sumo magazine features Ozeki and November tournament winner Takakeisho on the cover.  It also includes a large, one page, folded 2021 promotional calendar and a folded January 2021 banzuke. 

The Official December 2020 Sumo magazine from Japan which features November tournament winner Takakeisho in his bout with Terunofuji on the cover.  One section has day by day results of all bouts.  And there are many more pages in black and white covering statistics, profiles of various wrestlers, prize winners, and much more.  All in Japanese.

In addition, the December 2020 magazine includes a smaller 66 page booklet insert.  This booklet has a 2021 2 page per month calendar, some blank scorecards to track a couple of your favorite wrestler's results through the year, and a bunch of other statistics/data.  All in Japanese.