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Collectible Banzuke - 2008 - 2017

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Imported from Japan.  These are the Banzuke (roster and ranking of wrestlers) from various Grand Sumo Tournaments held in Japan over the years.

What a great way to celebrate a memorable tournament with an authentic banzuke from a past year's tournament.  Or grab a piece of history for a significant moment from one of your favorite wrestler's career (promotion, yusho, special prize, kinboshi, an upset, or retirement).

All of these Banzuke are folded and previously owned.  Some have been displayed, some opened only a few times, and some never opened.  Older banzuke may have started to yellow.  There may be edge marks from displaying or handling.  The Banzuke's year and month is included on the printed side in Japanese but an Arabic numeral year and month may be listed in light pencil on the reverse for easy identification.   

Most of these Banzuke were folded by the various sumo stables and mailed out to their supporters.  Often the stable will stamp the stable's name or sometimes a popular wrestler's name on the banzuke before sending out to their supporters.  Such stamps may be present on these banzuke.  However, since there are so many different wrestlers and stables we are not able to identify each specific stamp.  

More Recent Collectible Banzuke will be added as we obtain them.  Check back often.

Conditions of these Banzuke are very good with the inclusion of fold lines.   These will need to be flattened out.  Since they have been previously owned or have been folded for many years the folds may take some time to minimize.

Banzuke dimensions: 17 1/4" w  x  22 3/4" h

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To discover all of the wrestlers represented on each year's Banzuke along with winners, records, matchups, promotions, etc, please check out this wonderful sumo database.  You can also use this database to help identify any stamps that may be on your banzuke.

Key Highlights for individual banzuke:

2008-1 Hakuho 6th yusho,  Tochinoshin 1st Juryo yusho
2008-3 Y68 Asashoryu 22nd yusho
2008-5 Kotooshu 1st and only yusho
2008-7 Hakuho 7th yusho,  2nd Zensho
2008-9 Hakuho 8th yusho
2008-11 Hakuho 9th yusho, Ama (Harumafuji) last basho as Ama.
2009-1 Y68 Asashoryu 23rd yusho, Harumafuji changes from Ama and first time as Ozeki
2009-3 Hakuho 10th yusho , 3rd Zensho
2009-5 Y70 Harumafuji 1st yusho
2009-7 Hakuho 11th yusho
2009-9 Y68 Asashoryu 24th yusho, Playoff win vs. Hakuho, Tamawashi 1st Juryo yusho, Gagamaru Makushita zensho yusho,  Aoiyama first basho and Jonokuchi zensho yusho
2009-11 Hakuho 12th yusho , 4th Zensho, Aoiyama Jonidan zensho yusho
2010-1 Y68 Asashoryu 25th yusho and last basho, Gagamaru Juryo yusho
2010-3 Hakuho 13th yusho , 5th Zensho, Aoiyama Makushita zensho yusho.
2010-5 Hakuho 14th yusho, 6th Zensho, Baruto's first Ozeki basho
2010-7 Hakuho 15th yusho , 7th Zensho
2010-9 Hakuho 16th yusho , 8th Zensho
2010-11 Hakuho 17th yusho , Win Streak 63,  Kaisei 1st Juryo yusho
2011-1 Hakuho 18th yusho
2011-3 no basho, no banzuke
2011-5 Hakuho 19th yusho
2011-7 Y70 Harumafuji 2nd yusho,  Kaio sets new career win record and last basho, Myogiryu 1st Juryo yusho
2011-9 Hakuho 20th yusho
2011-11 Hakuho 21st yusho, Kisenosato promoted to Ozeki, Ikioi 1st Juryo yusho
2012-1 Baruto 1st and only yusho,   Chiyotairyu 1st Juryo yusho
2012-3 Hakuho 22nd yusho
2012-5 Kyokutenho 1st and only yusho, Osunaarashi 1st basho and Jonokuchi zensho yusho
2012-7 Y70 Harumafuji 3rd yusho, 1st zensho,  Chiyonokuni 1 Juryo yusho
2012-9 Y70 Harumafuji 4th yusho, 2nd zensho, gains promotion to Yokozuna
2012-11 Hakuho 23rd yusho, Sadanofuji 1st Juryo yusho
2013-1 Y70 Harumafuji 5th yusho, 3rd zensho,   Takanoiwa 1st Juryo yusho
2013-3 Hakuho 24th yusho , 9th Zensho, Ishiura 1st basho and Jonokuchi yusho
2013-5 Hakuho 25th yusho , 10th Zensho,   Baruto's last active basho,   Kotoyuki 1st Juryo yusho
2013-7 Hakuho 26th yusho,  Endo 1st Juryo yusho
2013-9 Hakuho 27th yusho, Terunofuji 1st Juryo yusho, Baruto's last banzuke
2013-11 Y70 Harumafuji 6th yusho
2014-1 Hakuho 28th yusho, Chiyomaru 1st Juryo yusho
2014-3 Kakuryu 1st yusho, Tochinoshin Makushita zensho yusho
2014-5 Hakuho 29th yusho, Ichinojo 1st Juryo yusho, Tochinoshin Makushita zensho yusho
2014-7 Hakuho 30th yusho, Tochinoshin 2nd Juryo yusho
2014-9 Hakuho 31st yusho, Ryuden Jonokuchi zensho yusho
2014-11 Hakuho 32nd yusho
2015-1 Hakuho 33rd yusho, 11th Zensho
2015-3 Hakuho 34th yusho
2015-5 Terunofuji 1st yusho and promoted to Ozeki,  Ura 1st basho and Jonokuchi zensho yusho
2015-7 Hakuho 35th yusho, Mitakeumi 1st juryo yusho
2015-9 Kakuryu 2nd yusho, Shohozan 1st juryo yusho
2015-11 Y70 Harumafuji 7th yusho,  Shodai 1st juryo yusho
2016-1 Kotoshogiku 1st yusho,  Hidenoumi 1st Juryo yusho
2016-3 Hakuho 36th yusho.  Osunaarashi 1st juryo yusho.
2016-5 Hakuho 37th yusho , 12th Zensho
2016-7 Y78 Harumafuji 8th yusho
2016-9 Goeido 1st yusho
2016-11 Kakuryu 3rd yusho
2017-1 Kisenosato 1st yusho and promoted to yokozuna,  Daieisho 1st Juryo yusho
2017-3 Kisenosato 2nd and last yusho
2017-5 Hakuho 38th yusho,  13th Zensho yusho,   Enho 1st basho and Jonokuchi zensho yusho,  Nishikigi Juryo yusho,  Takayasu promoted to Ozeki
2017-7 Hakuho 39th yusho,  Enho Jonidan yusho
2017-9 Y70 Harumafuji 9th and last yusho,  Abi 1st Juryo yusho,   Enho Sandanme yusho
2017-11 Hakuho 40th yusho. Harumafuji last banzuke.