Picture Postcards
Sumo Postcard Hakuho
Sumo Wrestler Postcard - Yokozuna Terunofuji
Sumo Wrestler Postcard - Hakuho performing Dohyo-iri
Sumo postcard - Asanoyama in Robe
Sumo Postcard Asanoyama in kesho-mawashi
Sumo Postcard Chiyomaru
Sumo Postcard Enho
Sumo Postcard Ichinojo
Sumo Postcard Mitakeumi
Sumo Postcard Shodai in robe
Sumo Postcard - Shodai in kesho-mawashi
Sumo Postcard Takakeisho
Sumo Postcard Takayasu
Sumo Postcard Tochinoshin
Sumo Postcard Tokushoryu
Sumo Postcard Abi
Sumo Postcard Endo
Sumo Postcard Kotoshogiku
Sumo Postcard Takanosho
Sumo Postcard Terunofuji
Sumo postcard Okinoumi
Sumo postcard Ryuden
Sumo Postcard Tobizaru
Sumo Postcard Ura
Sumo Postcard Wakatakakage
Sumo Wrestler Postcard - Akiseyama
Sumo Wrestler Postcard - Daieisho
Sumo Wrestler Postcard - Hoshoryu
Sumo Wrestler Postcard - Daieisho in Kesho-mawashi
Sumo Wrestler Postcard - Meisei in Kesho-mawashi
Sumo Postcard reverse side
Sumo Postcard new Ozeki Terunofuji
Sumo Postcard Kakuryu
Sumo Wrestler Hakuho 3 Postcard Commemorative Set

Picture Postcards

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Imported from Japan. 

Authentic Japan Sumo Association Postcards featuring popular sumo wrestlers in either kesho mawashi or colorful robes.  These Postcards are a great way to decorate with an actual image of your favorite wrestlers.   Collect them all.

These Postcards are 4 inches wide by 6 inches high.  They are printed on standard  thickness postcard stock.  The back side of each postcard has the Japan Sumo Association logo and the wrestler's name in Japanese characters and English letters.

In addition to individual Postcards we also offer a 3 Postcard Hakuho Commemorative Set.  This Set comes in a paperboard holder contained within a gold lettered commemorative envelope.