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Official 2020 Japan Sumo Association Calendar

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*****   Calendar Availability and Condition Notes  *****

We have sold out of 2020 calendars.  

For those interested, we did have a handful of calendars that received a slight crease from being dropped on the corner of the box while being shipped from Japan.  These are available at a discount and are listed as "Slightly Creased".  They are still very nice calendars but, due to the damage, we will sell them at a significant discount.


The Official 2020 Japan Sumo Association Calendar has arrived.  It has 14 pages with one image per monthly page.  It has pictures of wrestlers based on the September 2019 rankings including all top division (makuuchi) and second division (juryo) wrestlers.  The calendar is 15.5" wide by 12" h when not open.  When open it is 15.5" w x 24" h.  The paper used is thick and the images are very high quality.  It has a hole punched in the pages for hanging or use one of our attractive magnetic hangers (not included with calendar).    

Consider a 2020 Sumo Calendar as a gift for your favorite SUMO fanatics. 

Cover = The new Japan Era, Reiwa (令和) , spelled out with wrestlers along with an image of Japan Sumo's mascot Hiyonoyama (Yellow Bird). The Japanese text in the top left, 大相撲, says Grand Champion Sumo.  The text on the right edge says 2nd Year of Reiwa era which is 2020.

January = Sanyaku on the Dohyo

February = Kakuryu performing Dohyo-iri outdoors

March = Yokozuna and Ozeki at practice.

April = Hakuho performing Dohyo-iri outdoors.

May = Ozeki Tochinoshin, Takayasu, and Goeido in kesho-mawashi.

June = Abi, Mitakeumi, Takakeisho, and Endo in kesho-mawashi.

July = Mitakeumi, Takakeisho, Abi, Endo, Hokutofuji, Ichinojo, Asanoyama, Daieisho in yukata.

August = Chiyotairyu, Shimanoumi, Terutsuyoshi, Meisei, Onosho, Enho, Nishikigi, Tsurugisho, Ishiura, and Takagenji in yukata.

September = Aoiyama, Tomokaze, Tamawashi, Shodai, Ryuden, Myogiryu, Kotoshogiku, Kotoeko, Okinoumi, and Takarafuji in yukata.

October = Kotoyuki, Sadanoumi, Shohozan, Daishoho, Kagayaki, Toyonoshima, Azumaryu, Yutakayama, and Tochiozan in yukata.

November =  Juryo wrestlers in practice mawashi.

December = Kakuryu and Hakuho holding new era name, Reiwa.

Page 13 = New recruits and Gyoji in uniform.

Page 14 = Yobidashi and other personnel

Back Cover = Ukiyo-e woodblock style print of a sumo bout