nanoblock Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena JSA_001
nanoblock Building Sets
nanoblock Yokozuna Shiranui Style JSA_003
nanoblock Yokozuna Shiranui Style JSA_003 front
nanoblock Yokozuna Shiranui Style JSA_003 back
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nanoblock Yokozuna Unryu style JSA-002

nanoblock Building Sets

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Official Japan Sumo Association nanoblock sets imported from Japan.  Now you can have fun assembling your own tiny Kokugikan or Yokozuna.

For those not familiar with nanoblocks, they are micro sized building blocks.  Three different sets are available.  One set has all you need to build a model of the Ryogoku Kokugikan while the others are a Yokozuna demonstrating either the Shiranui or Unryu style dohyo-iri ring entering ceremony stance.  For reference, Hakuho is known to use the Shiranui style while Kakuryu used the Unryu style.  Each yokozuna can choose either style.

The Kokugikan set has 360 pieces while the Yokozuna sets have 170.  Picture instructions are included.  The smallest block is 4x4x5mm.  The completed Yokozuna is about 5cm (2") tall.  Intended for ages 12 and over and a hazard for those under 4.  

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