Sumo Multi-Color Fan Towel  -  Terunofuji
Sumo Multi-Color Fan Towel - Ura
Sumo Multi-Color Fan Towel - Wakatakakage
Sumo Multi-Color Fan Towel  -  Mitakeumi
Sumo Multi-Color Fan Towel  -  Endo

Multi-Color Fan Towel

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****  The Kokugikan Gift Shop is out of Terunofuji and Ura.  We will obtain more once they are available again.    ****

Imported from Japan and the Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan (Tokyo Sumo Arena). 

Show support for your favorite wrestler with these towels adorned with Sumo wrestler names and body images.  Similar in size to the Traditional Fan Towel but are multi-color and with the wrestler's image.  They were introduced recently and you may see fans holding them up at the tournaments as they support their favorite wrestler.

These towels are roughly the size of a hand towel (about 13" x 31").  They are perfect for taking to your next Sumo tournament or for decorating your space.  

Will add more wrestlers as they become available.  

These towels are made of cotton and it is recommended to wash separately with low heat drying.