5-pack of Magnetic backed Trading Card Holders
Magnetic trading card holder fridge magnet
Magnetic Card Holder  -  New!
Magnetic Card Holder  -  New!
Magnetic Card Holder  -  New!

Magnetic Card Holder - New!

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Now that you have collected some of your favorite Sumo Trading Cards, why not take some out of your shoebox and display them prominently on your refrigerator, filing cabinet at work, or other metallic surface with these new Magnetic Trading Card Holders.  Admire your favorite cards every day and let others gather a glimpse of your passion.

These holders fit your standard trading card sized 2.5" x 3.5".  The card is held secure enough to display either vertically or horizontally.  The cards won't fall out.  The holders have a full magnetic back so stay put where placed.  The holder provides UV protection and is acid free.  They have a very slim profile so not easily bumped.  bigSUMOfan evaluated other products but they didn't stack up.  These work well.

Each pack of Magnetic Trading Card Holders contains 5 holders.  The Holders will also hold trading cards from other sports or games that are 2.5" x 3.5" but who has time for that?