Dallas Sumo Club Store

Dallas Sumo Club Store

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Fans of the Dallas Sumo Club and sumo wrestling fans who want to support the Dallas Sumo Club can take this link to purchase Official Dallas Sumo Club merchandise.  All proceeds support the mission of the Dallas Sumo Club which is a Not For Profit 501c3 organization.  The Dallas Sumo Club is affiliated with the US Sumo Federation.  The store offers clothing, stickers, and other Club items.  The store also provides a way to support the sumo tournaments and other events hosted by the Dallas Sumo Club. 

bigSUMOfan is proud to support the Dallas Sumo Club.

You can buy official Dallas Sumo Club merchandise here.  Taking this link will not add merchandise to your bigSUMOfan shopping cart.  You cannot buy Dallas Sumo Club merchandise on bigSUMOfan.  It is only available through the Dallas Sumo Club Store. 

bigSUMOfan.com provides this link for free to support the growth of Sumo and the Sumo fan base.  If you have a National Team Store or Club Store please contact admin@bigSUMOfan.com and we will gladly work with you to promote your store as well.