May 2019 Picture Banzuke

2019 May Picture Banzuke - Asanoyama's first Championship; First basho of new Reiwa Era

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Imported from Japan and the Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan (Tokyo Sumo Arena).

This is a Picture Banzuke representing the wrestler's rankings for the May 2019 Grand Sumo Tournament (basho) held in Tokyo.  Unlike other character based Banzuke, this one has very colorful images of the top division wrestlers wearing their Kesho-mawashi making for a very striking wall display. In addition to the wrestlers it includes some of the Referees (gyoji) and Announcers (yobidashi).

This is the first tournament of the new Reiwa Era and Asanoyama's first basho championship.

The Yokozuna listed on this Banzuke are Hakuho and Kakuryu 

Ozeki are Goeido, Takayasu, and Takakeisho.  This is Takakeisho's first tournament as an Ozeki.

Sekiwake are Ichinojo and Tochinoshin.

Komusubi are Aoiyama and Mitakeumi

This Banzuke has been folded and comes in a flat envelope.    

Banzuke dimensions: 17 1/4" h  x  22 1/2" w