March 2019 Sumo Banzuke

2019 March Banzuke - Hakuho's 42nd Yusho - 15-0 Zensho-Yusho

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Imported from Japan.  This is the Banzuke (roster and ranking of wrestlers) sold for the March 2019 Grand Sumo Tournament.  

Hakuho won this tournament, his 42nd Yusho win, with a 15 - 0 win/loss record or a Zensho-Yusho.  This is also the last tournament of the Japanese Heisei Era (the emperor will change next month).

Takakeisho secured his Ozeki promotion during this tournament.

The Yokozuna listed on this Banzuke are Hakuho and Kakuryu 

Ozeki are Takayasu, Goeido, and Tochinoshin. 

Sekiwake are Takakeisho and Tamawashi

Komusubi are Mitakeumi and Hokutofuji

This Banzuke has NOT been folded.  It will be shipped in a tube so perfect for framing as it is an attractive work of art.  The Banzuke is printed on very thin but firm paper. 

Banzuke dimensions: 17 1/4" w  x  22 3/4" h

Product image is the actual March Banzuke.

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