Sumo banzuke March 2018

2018 March Banzuke - Kakuryu's 4th Championship

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This is the Banzuke (roster and ranking of wrestlers) sold at the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium for the March 2018 Grand Sumo Tournament (basho).  A wonderful memento of Kakuryu's 4th Makuuchi basho championship and Enho's first tournament in Juryo.

The Yokozuna listed on this Banzuke are Kakuryu, Hakuho, and Kisenosato.

Ozeki are Takayasu and Goeido.

Sekiwake are Mitakeumi and Tochinoshin

Komusubi are Ichinojo and Chiyotairyu.

You can find a list of all the wrestlers here.

This Banzuke has NOT been folded.  It will be shipped in a tube so perfect for framing.  In addition to being the official Sumo roster it is also an attractive work of art.  The Banzuke is printed on very thin but firm paper.  

Banzuke dimensions: 17 1/4" w  x  22 3/4" h

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