Vintage Banzuke  -  1967 - 1983
Vintage Banzuke  -  1967 - 1983

Vintage Banzuke - 1967 - 1983

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******    We are in the process of taking inventory and identifying many banzuke from an acquired private collection.  Most vintage banzuke are from 1967 through 1983.  If you are interested in one from these years and we haven't posted them yet please contact us at    ********

Imported from Japan.  These are the Banzuke (roster and ranking of wrestlers) from various Grand Sumo Tournaments held in Japan over the years.

What a great way to celebrate a memorable tournament with an authentic banzuke from a past year's tournament.  Or grab a piece of history for a significant moment from one of your favorite wrestler's career (promotion, yusho, special prize, kinboshi, an upset, or retirement).

All of these Banzuke were originally folded but have been hanging or stored flat for many years.  The fold lines may be  visible still.  Edges on most are browned due to years of storage.  The older ones have edges that are worn, not surprising since these banzuke are 35 to 55 years old.

When they were new, most of these Banzuke were folded by the various sumo stables and mailed out to their supporters .  Often the stable stamped the stable's name or higher ranked wrestler's name on the banzuke before sending out to their supporters.  Such stamps may be present on these banzuke.  However, since there are so many different wrestlers and stables we are not able to identify each specific stamp.  

These vintage banzuke come from a collection out of Japan.  We believe they were actually displayed as evidenced by the hanging hole punches at the top of each banzuke.  Most have two holes though some of the older banzuke have a couple more holes than two.   

Regardless of the edge conditions, the printed part of the banzuke is whole and makes a fabulous display.

Banzuke dimensions: 17 1/4" w  x  22 3/4" h

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To discover all of the wrestlers represented on each year's Banzuke along with winners, records, matchups, promotions, etc, please check out this wonderful sumo database.  You can also use this database to help identify any stamps that may be on your banzuke.

Key Highlights for individual banzuke:

1970, March Taiho's 31st championship