Mini Zabuton
bigSUMOfan Mini Zabuton - Royal Purple
bigSUMOfan Mini Zabuton - Royal Red
bigSUMOfan Mini Zabuton - Royal Blue
Mini Zabuton  -  Pink
bigSUMOfan Mini Zabuton - Yellow Gold
bigSUMOfan Mini Zabuton - Silver Mini Zabuton Emerald Green Mini Zabuton

Mini Zabuton

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When watching sumo wrestling and there is an upset don't you wish you could stand up from your seat in the arena, pick up your zabuton, and throw it on the dohyo?  Well, now you can.  Sort of. 

Introducing the bigSUMOfan Mini Zabuton.  Keep it by your side or on your desk as you watch sumo.  When that upset happens or when your favorite wrestler wins, pick up your Mini Zabuton and fling it at your screen.  It will feel good.  Each Mini Zabuton will last for many repeated throws at your screen.  Just make sure your pets don't start enjoying it as much as you do... 

Mini Zabutons are available in Royal Purple, Royal Red, Royal Blue, Emerald Green, and the newest colors Pink, Yellow Gold, and Silver.  They measure 4" x 4" and are about .5" thick.  Made of soft, satiny finished material with a soft stuffing.  Avoid throwing at items that can be knocked over or poked.  bigSUMOfan is not responsible for inappropriate Mini Zabuton use.  Custom made in the USA exclusively for bigSUMOfan.