Official 2021 September Sumo tournament Program
Official 2021 July Sumo tournament Program
Official 2021 May Sumo tournament Program

Tournament Program

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The Official Program of the Grand Sumo Tournament. 

****  More September Programs are on order and on the way.  Arrival likely by end of the week or over the weekend.  ****

If you attend the Grand Sumo tournament this is the Program you could purchase.  Photographs are in stunning, glossy detail.  The Program is 14.5" high by 10" wide.  About 52 pages long it contains fabulous wrestler pictures for the tournament.  The introductory pages and wrestler's information (name, date of birth, height, weight, rank, etc.) are in both Japanese and English.  Wrestlers are included from the top division all the way to the third division.  Wrestler pictures get smaller as the rank decreases.  Also included are pictures and information for the referees of the top two divisions.

The September 2021 Program features the newly promoted Yokozuna Terunofuji on the cover.  

The July 2021 Program has May tournament winner Terunofuji and both Yokozuna hopefuls on the cover.  For the first time in two years the tournament is being held in Nagoya.  

The May 2021 Program has March winner and recent Ozeki promotion Terunofuji on the cover.