Sumo Trading Cards - 2023 series 2

Sumo Trading Cards - 2023 series 2

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Imported from Japan.  These Sumo Trading Cards are based on the March 2023 tournament rankings and were issued May 2023.  This is the second series of Sumo Trading Cards for 2023.  The series is named Kizuna (Bonds) so features wrestlers from the same stable, those who started together, coaches and their students, and siblings.  Each pack contains 6 random cards.  The complete set has all 42 top division (Makuuchi) wrestlers, 16 stable cards, 7 of wrestlers who started together, 2 sibling cards, and 14 coach/student cards for a base set total of 81.  

There are also a variety of different autographed cards.  One is included randomly across every few boxes (20 packs per box for a total of 120 cards per box).  Autographs in this series include Wakatakakage, Hoshoryu, Wakamotoharu, Ryuden, Meisei, Sadanoumi, Hiradoumi, Myogiryu, Takanosho, and Kagayaki.  

Most of the text on the cards is in Japanese, however, the wrestler's English language name is also on most cards for those of us who don't speak Japanese.

The sole Yokozuna for this series is Terunofuji.  

The sole Ozeki is Takakeisho. 

Sekiwake are Wakatakakage, Hoshoryu, and Kiribayama.

Komusubi are Wakamotoharu, Kotonowaka, Daieisho, and Tobizaru.

You can find a list of all the wrestlers here in English and Japanese.

As a bonus, we include Ultra Pro clear card sleeves to protect your cards.  If you do not wish to receive card sleeves please add the No Sleeves item to your cart.

Once again we will be offering a limited number of Full Base Sets.  Each Full Base Set contains all cards numbered 1 through 81 already removed from the package and inserted into protective sleeves.  Will not include any autograph or special insert cards nor include the box.  This Full Base Set option is for those who want all of the base set cards without having to trade.

Empty boxes (Collector Box) will be available separately for those who collect boxes.  The empty collector box, in addition to being colorful, has a check list for the base cards on the bottom. 

Happy Collecting.