SUMO Logo Tank Top

SUMO Logo Tank Top

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Display your passion for SUMO anywhere you go with this colorful SUMO logo Tank Top T-Shirt.  It is made of lighter weight 90% cotton and 10% polyester material.  

Notice that the word SUMO is multi-color (Green, Black, WhiteRed) representing the 4 directions of the Dohyo.  If you watch a Japanese SUMO bout you'll notice the colored tassels hanging at the corners.  These represent East, North, West, and South.  The Tank Top color is Heather Gray.

This Tank Top is made in Honduras and designed/printed in the USA.  Sizes are available from Adult Small to X-Large.  The label is designed to be torn off for your comfort.

Wear it proudly!

These Tank Tops are true to size.  Check here for specific product measurements to find your right size.

 Color note: the printed S on the Tank Top is more Kelly Green than the image appears.  It is more identical to the SUMO Logo T-Shirt green S.