Sumo Dohyo miniature
Dohyo Miniature Set  -  New!
Dohyo Miniature Set  -  New!

Dohyo Miniature Set - New!

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Now you can display a sumo bout on a dohyo at your desk, on your window sill, mantle, or anywhere else you have a few square inches of space.  This pewter, handmade dohyo is imported from Japan.  It includes a dohyo, two wrestlers, a referee, and water buckets.  The two salt boxes are part of the dohyo but the other pieces are separate so you can place them as you like.

This miniature dohyo display is a 1/150 scale.  The sides of the dohyo are 1.75 inches.  The pewter (lead free) is made and hand painted by artisans in Japan.  The set is custom made for bigSUMOfan. 

This miniature dohyo contains small parts and is intended for those 12 and over as stated in Japanese on the package.