2024 Sumo Calendar
2024 Sumo Calendar one page poster
2024 Sumo Calendar

2024 Sumo Calendar

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******   2024 Calendars are back in stock.  *****

The Official 2024 Japan Sumo Association Calendar is similar in size and number of pages as the 2023 Sumo calendar.  The calendar is 15.5" wide by 12" h when not open.  When open it is 15.5" w x 24" h.  It has 14 pages with one page per month featuring photos of the top 2 division wrestlers (Makuuchi and Juryo) as of the September 2023 tournament.

The first page has a photo and all 12 months on one page.  January has a photo of Terunofuji in his dojo-iri stance.  February through April has portrait photos of the makuuchi division wrestlers.  May through September is a cool new format showing makuuchi division wrestlers in their full length, very colorful, and attractive yukata (robes).  October presents the three ozeki in tournament mawashi as they prepare for a bout.  November and December cover Juryo wrestlers in mawashi.  All wrestler names are listed in both Japanese an English.

*****  We have sold out of the large, one page calendar.  We do not know if we will be able to obtain more.  It is unlikely.   *****

We are also offering a large, one page calendar that may only be purchased with the regular calendar.  It comes folded with unfolded dimensions of 20.5" wide by 28.5" high.  These poster size calendars show all 12 months with the sumo tournament dates highlighted.  You can also find ticket release dates, banzuke release dates, and tournament dates in the chart at the bottom.  Only a few of these are available and are only available for those purchasing the Official 2024 Sumo Calendar.

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