Official 2020 Sumo Directory

Official 2020 Sumo Directory - New

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The official 2020 Japanese Sumo Directory.  Imported from Japan.  

This directory opens with a picture of Kisenosato at his retirement ceremony with Hakuho behind him.  It has full color wrestler photos based on the January 2020 rankings for the top two divisions (Makuuchi and Juryo).  The Yokozuna, Ozeki, Sekiwake, and Komusubi wrestlers have a near full page full color picture whle the rest of the wrestlers have quarter page full color pictures all in their kesho mawashi.  Also included are black and white photos of the prior year tournament winners, special prize winners, and lower division champions along with stats.  Most impressively it includes b&w photos of all wrestlers, coaches, and gyoji grouped by stable.

It also includes a lot of statistics and records.  However, almost all of the writing is in Japanese except for the full color photos that include the wrestler's English letter name.

This softback has 144 pages.  It was originally released early 2020.  It is 8.5" high by 6" wide.