Sumo Star Chart 2023 January
Sumo Star Chart 2022 November
Sumo Star Chart 2022 September front side
Sample detail of Star Chart - 2021 July
Sample backside of Star Charts
Sumo Star Chart 2022 July front
Sumo Star Chart 2022 May front
Sumo Star Chart 2022 March front
Sumo Star Chart 2022 January front
Sumo Star Chart - 2021 November
Sumo Star Chart 2021 July
Star Chart
Star Chart

Star Chart

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The Official Sumo Star Chart of the Japan Sumo Association.  Each Star Chart documents the results of a completed tournament.  

The Start Chart shows the result of all wrestler's matches for Makuuchi, Juryo, and all other divisions.  The top three divisions are reported on the front side of the Star Chart and the others are reported on the back side.    

For each of the top two divisions it shows the wrestler's name, who they wrestled each day of the tournament, and the result using the "white star" or "black star" format (white circle for a Win, black circle for a Loss) which looks like this:      ○○○○○○○○○●○●○○○

The right most column on the front lists each division winner and the special prize winners.

The Star Chart makes a wonderful display especially when it represents the achievement of one of your favorite wrestlers.  

Each Star Chart is one sheet with two sided printing.  The January 2022 Star Chart comes folded.  Other Star Charts will be sent rolled, not folded.  Dimensions are are about 17.5" high by 21.5" wide.  Star Charts may have minor edge wrinkles due to shipping from Japan.

The following Star Charts are available:

The January 2023 tournament won by Takakeisho (his third) along with a Juryo championship by Asanoyama.   This issue is not folded.

The November 2022 tournament won by Abi.   His first top division championship.  This issue is not folded.

The September 2022 tournament won by Tamawashi.   His first top division championship.  This issue is not folded.

The July 2022 tournament won by Ichinojo.   His first top division championship.  This issue is not folded.

The May 2022 tournament won by Terunofuji.   His 7th top division championship.  This issue is not folded.

The March 2022 tournament won by Wakatakakage.   His 1st ever top division championship.  This issue is not folded.

The January 2022 tournament won by Mitakeumi.   His 3rd championship and receives his Ozeki promotion.  Note that this issue comes folded.

The November 2021 tournament won by Terunofuji.   His 6th championship and 1st zensho yusho (15-0 perfect record).  

The July 2021 tournament won by Hakuho.  His 45th championship and a 15-0 zensho yusho.  

The Official November 2020 tournament won by Takakeisho.