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bigSUMOfan Tegata Kit

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With bigSUMOfan's Tegata Kit you can make your own Tegata at home.  

The Tegata Kit includes enough material to make 2 Tegata on authentic Japanese Shikishi Boards.  Each Shikishi Board is the standard size used by Sumo Wrestlers in Japan.  Each Board is a white sheet of paper backed by a firm paperboard with a very small (1/16") gold colored border.  

Each bigSUMOfan Tegata Kit comes with 2 Japanese Shikishi Boards (standard Sumo size), 2 ink pads, and Instructions.  Tegata Kits shipped within the US also come with 2 hand prep towelettes and 2 clean up towelettes.  Due to international shipping regulation concerns, towelletes will not be included outside of the US.  Clean up with heavy duty soap and water will be required (or use your own locally sourced cleaner).  Single use ink pads are about 6" x 8.5".  Adding a signature to your Tegata is optional and can be performed with your own marker, pen, or paint depending on what style you want to achieve.   

The red border shown in the product image is background for contrast and is not part of the Shikishi Board.  Japanese Shikishi Board dimensions are 9.5" w x 10.75" h.  As a bigSUMOfan product, each Board is marked on the reverse with  The "" on the front of each image is a digital watermark for the website and is not on the Board. Tegata images are from happy bigSUMOfan Tegata Kit customers.  Used with permission.

Make one for yourself and one to give away.  Or make one for each family member.  Shikishi Boards are large enough for both hands of youngsters.  Footprints of your children could be an option under direction of a responsible adult.  Be creative. 

You do not have to be a professional Sumo wrestler to use the bigSUMOfan Tegata Kit.