Sumo tote bag
Sumo tote bag
Sumo tote bag - stowage pocket - Kisenosato
Sumo tote bag - stowage pocket - Endo
Sumo tote bag folding instructions

Sumo Tote - Large

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Imported from Japan and the Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan (Tokyo Sumo Arena). 

This colorful Sumo Caricature Tote is a novel way to express your enthusiasm for Sumo.  The images on the Tote are of various Sumo wrestlers, the gyoji (referee), gunbai (referee's paddle), and yobidashi.  It looks like some of the wrestler caricatures are of actual wrestlers with their names on their mawashi (Hakuho, Kisenosato, Ichinojo, Ikioi, Takayasu, Kotoshogiku, and others). 

Size is about 17.5" w x 4.5"d  x 14" h and is made of a lightweight but strong material.  It is not a thicker vinyl like the smaller tote.  Handle is approximately 19".  Do note the dimensions.  This is the larger tote of the two we offer.  Made in China.  

This Tote has a feature where you can fold it up and insert it into a pocket for easy stowage.  When folded it is about 6" x 5" x 1" and is very light.  The purple tote has an image of Kisenosato and the pink handled tote has an image of Endo on the stowage pocket. It also comes with a 2" round button (pin) with either Kisenosato or Endo's image.