Sumo: A Thinking Fan's Guide

Sumo: A Thinking Fan's Guide

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Sumo: A Thinking Fan's Guide to Japan's National Sport is a fresh and funny introduction to the fascinating world of sumo, Japan's national sport. Author David Benjamin peels away the veneer of sumo as a cultural treasure and reveals it as an action-packed sport populated by superb athletes who employ numerous strategies and techniques to overcome their gargantuan opponents. Sumo provides an engaging, witty, behind-the-scenes look at sumo today.

This book was written by a serious fan of Sumo who describes his experiences in his own irreverent way.  His analysis of bout results over time provides interesting insights even for those who have been following the sport for years.  His irreverent humor may not be for everyone (he often refers to the controlling Sumo Association as Old Farts) but it will definitely give you a perspective you may not have considered before and I think that is part of his goal.

Since the book was published early 2010 many of the wrestlers mentioned are retired though some are still active (Hakuho, Tochiozan, Kakuryu, Kisenosato, etc).  

This paperback has 256 pages.  It was originally published March, 2010.  It is 8" high by 5" wide.