Discover Sumo - Book by Yobidashi Hideo Tamaki
Discover Sumo - Book by Yobidashi Hideo Yamaki

Discover Sumo - Book by Yobidashi Hideo Yamaki

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Imported from Japan.  

This book was written by a Sumo insider, Hideo Yamaki, who rose to the top rank of the Yobidashi.  Originally written in Japanese and translated to English by Clyde Newton.  It provides a wonderful insight into the workings of Japanese Sumo from the perspective of one who knows wrestlers, referees, stable owners, and the Japan Sumo Association.  

This book is a wonderful guide for anyone interested in learning about Japanese Sumo.  Topics include the role and duties of the yobidashi (building the dohyo, announcing wrestlers, drumming, sweeping, and much more), role of the referee, life of a wrestler, how sumo is organized and operated, and much, much more.  The book includes a number of illustrations with my favorite being the layout of the dohyo on the back of the jacket.

This hardback has 170 pages and a 12 page glossary.  It was originally released January, 2017.  It is 7.25" high by 5.25" wide.